Saturday, August 18, 2012

Doctor Who: Autonomy

Yes, I know my blog died.  All 0 of my readers were very upset!  I'm hoping to start posting book reviews, also posted to my LibraryThing profile as I finish them.  Anyone who knows me very well is probably asking if I ever actually finish a book.  Given how many I have in progress at a given time (my current spreadsheet has 200), it's a valid question.  But yes, I'm actually making some progress at the moment and have at least two that can be reviewed right now.  Now school is starting up again on Tuesday so I may not continue to have much success in reading regularly, but we'll see how long I can last.  So without further ado, one I finished about a month ago:

I've started reading the Doctor Who series recently since we love the TV show so much, and I continue to enjoy each book. This was probably my fourth. Compared to a lot of the other, non-Doctor Who books I read, the reading level is easy and it's good for nights when I just don't have a lot of concentration left over before falling asleep mid-page.

As far as the book goes, I didn't find the plot particularly unique for Doctor Who. There were a few more deaths than usual, and the amusement park setting was kind of fun. I do wish he'd have a companion, but there are definitely other books in the series which do.

4/5 star
LibraryThing Review

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