Thursday, June 18, 2009

Discrimination Against Children

Last Saturday, we were given a gift certificate to eat at the White Fence Farm, an interesting, but pricey in my opinion, restaurant in the Denver area. It was all decorated in the farm style and had a traditional menu. My tastes are still somewhat childish in nature, and almost nothing looked good, so we all went with the basic fried chicken which I can at least tolerate. There were a bunch of sides that only my dad liked, of course, but overall it was OK and we got enough. But it's not a place I'd go on my own, partly because of the price.

But what really bugged me was one particular room, the Fireside Room I believe. There was a sign in front asking for "Adults only please". And, of course, there was almost nobody sitting there. Now I guess it makes sense that some people would like to be in a quiet environment and not have a bunch of sniveling kids running around and screaming their heads off. But to just put a blanket ban on kids? That goes too far in my opinion. Surely no one still thinks that, just because it might make some people uncomfortable, we should have separate sections for non-Caucasians? (For the record, I don't think so either.) What's the difference? We have smoking sections, but I think those are justified not because of people's comfort, but because of the health risks.

If nothing else, I think it could have been worded to request no children. "Child" is a more subjective term; as far as I know there's no legal definition, and maturity level would factor with the actual age in determining the person's status. Even better would be a rule that goes at the heart of the request, for example to keep your volumes low. Surely a quiet fifteen year old "child" would be more welcome than a talkative 19 year old girl, who just happens to be legally an adult?

As you can see, the whole thing kind of bugs me. I understand the idea, really I do, but do discriminate against a class of individuals seems unfair. At least the word "please" was used.

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